1xbet | How to Access Safely From Anywhere

1xbet is an Indian website that includes many sports which you can stream and you can even bet on many of them.

Here I have mentioned some facts and figures about this website which will help you to know the basics of this platform, 1xbet.

1xbet is not just some random sports streaming platform where you can watch live sports and that is all, this platform has a community of lakhs of people who are here to bet, and you can bet on so many other sports and casino games as well.

Game typesSports, Live Betting, Casino, Live Casino, Esports, TV Games, Virtual Sports, Bingo, Toto
Founder and year of foundation2007, 1X Corp N.V.
HeadquartersLimassol, Cyprus
Gambling licenseCuracao, license number 1668/JAZ
Welcome bonus100% up to 10,000 INR for sports, 125,000 INR over four deposits plus 150 free spins
Deposit and withdrawal methodsSkrill, Neteller, UPI, AstroPay, PhonePe, and so on

If you are thinking about the legality of this website that it is legal in India but unfortunately it is treated as illegal in many different countries outside of India.

No need to worry, we are here to make up for your inconvenience and the problems you might face in this process.

So, let us move to the article and see what information we have about this platform.

The Platform 1xbet

1xbet, the website is all about sports and bets. It is one of the best and most popular casino gambling websites which are legal and this website provides players of India with many opportunities ahead in the game.

100 rupees is the least amount you need to have if you want to play on this website.


It has a very simple layout and very detailed design, its home page consists of a lot of detailed information which is placed very gracefully on the website and it does not seem like it’s a mess.

it has blue and white colors in its layout and Lastly, they have given all the information regarding their website and their support numbers as well as anything you might feel is wrong or not working with your account then you can contact them by those numbers.

About the website

The website is legal in India, but what about the USA, the UK, and other countries where gambling casino is the most prestigious practice?

People who are from outside India can stream this website via VPN, because this website,1xbet is banned in all the other countries and has been declared a pirated website that is illegal to stream.

By using a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN you can deal with these problems and can easily stream this website from any location.

I will explain the process in detail in a further section but now let us move to the options that 1xbet provides us to stream.

What can you stream on 1xbet?

As we have already mentioned that 1xbet is an Indian betting platform where you can bet and stream. so this is the list of the sports that you can stream live on the website, 1xbet

  • Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Tennis, Horse Racing, And many others.
Betting Options at 1xBet

the above was all the streaming options and these are all betting options that you get on 1xbet.

  • IPL Betting, Live Streaming, Push Notifications, Online Casino Games, Live Casino, Cash-Out, Live Cricket Betting, Esports Betting, Virtual Betting, and Virtual Cricket Betting, Pre-Match Betting, Lucrative Offers, Multi-Betting, Live Match Statistics.

How to access 1xbet Safely from anywhere?

If you are in a country where 1xbet is banned or not available then we have got an extremely easy solution for you. You have got to access VPN and not just any VPN, a good quality VPN.

It will change your location to the other country and then you can access the website easily from your end. So, no need to worry and you can leave this problem to us because we have got a permanent solution for this.

VPN is Virtual Private Network that will create a tunnel between you and the website that you are streaming and let you access the websites which are banned in your country.

Do not care about the government agencies because they will never notice your IP address and they will never get to know that you are the one who is trying to access the banned website.

So, remember the only way to access the 1xbet website is through a VPN like ExpressVPN and NordVPN are some of the best VPNs for doing the same.

Steps to access 1xbet safely from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Log into your VPN app and connect to a server in India.
  • Visit 1xbet and start streaming.

As not every VPN is safe to use, one most important things in this process are to choose a VPN that is private and safe to use for accessing 1xbet preferably ExpressVPN.

Why should you stream on 1xbet?

You should stream on 1xbet, for several reasons like it has all these gambling options available and can make you a millionaire from a Hundred rupees.

You can stream this website and win a lot of cash which you can withdraw quickly through particular monetary applications.

Just like these, there are a lot many reasons which make you stream this website. we will go through all of them one by one.

The most interesting thing about his website is that you get to test your luck here and you can do that with the minimum deposit of 100 rupees many more rewards and perks are waiting for you in the other sections of this article.

So, without any further delay, you should move to them and decide whether you want to test your luck via 1xbet or not.

Picture and sound quality

the picture and sound quality are fabulous and very intimidating while you are betting in the casino games, they feel so real. They are real but the picture quality they provide is the best part of this website 1xbet.

this is the reason people trust this website and think the game is fair and the platform is trustworthy.

You do not get any options like 24p, 360p, 480p, or 720p because this is a gambling website not. movies website hence they have set it to HD quality.

Decent content library:

They have a good amount of sports for you to stream and many gambling games as well. It is the only website that gives you 100% profit and this website can make you a wealthy person if you are an intelligent and lucky person.

The content library is huge you get to stream all the sports from different countries and get the golden opportunity to bet on the for your profit.


  • Easily Comprehensible – working with this website is not at all complicated, it is very comprehensible and easily understandable.
  • Easy Search through Keywords – There are many options available for its audience and you cam
  • Easy Navigation – The layout and design of the website are very graceful and hence it makes the navigation easier and smooth for the audience.
  • Friendly User Interface – Very user-friendly and very handy to work with. After accessing a reliable VPN you get no redirects and not even a single misclick.
  • Hot content is updated every day – The content is fresh and it gets updated daily according to the new sports events happening around the world
  • HD SD Quality- you get extremely high-quality content here. No advertisements and no interruptions at all if you have access to a VPN.
  • Quick withdrawals- the money you will win, you can quickly withdraw by AstroPay and PhonePe.
  • Accepts cryptocurrency- This is the best part of this website,1xbet because it accepts cryptocurrency as well. No other website provides this privilege to its users.
  • Minimum deposit amount of 100 INR- The minimum deposit should be 100 INR because it is an Indian website all the minimum and maximum deposits are in Indian rupee only.
  • Legal in India– yes there is no doubt in this statement that this website is legal in India.
  • Bonus for casino– Welcome package up to 130000 INR + 150 FS.
  • Bonus for sports betting– Welcome bonus on your 1st deposit up to 20000 INR.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

This website 1xbet is an unbelievably fast and smooth desktop experience and a gorgeous mobile experience you get here. It works well with all the software on the list, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, etc. Its application is also available for Android and iOS users, which I think is a great feature.

This website provides two different apps one for mobile and one for desktop. All you have to get is a device that is connected to the internet and has a compatible VPN that can secure your data while streaming the internet.

Plans & Pricing

This website is free to use and you also get free bonus rewards for registering yourselves on this website.

If you register for Sports Only – you get a welcome bonus on your 1st deposit of up to 20000 INR.

and If you go for CASINO + 1XGAMES– you get a Welcome package up to 130000 INR + 150 FS.

You get all these rewards and bonuses via email. This is all true, not a thing is fake. These are the details that are mentioned on their website. I am not making things up. You can stream the website and win these rewards as well.

1xbet Alternative Sites


let me now summarize everything for you in one go. here, the 1xbet website is not a lot to handle. it is a great website, it’s popular and easy to use.

It includes so many privileges and features for its audience to avail. You can not only stream live sports here, but you can also bet on them and gamble on casino games for real.

Not just the website its application is also available for you to download it has 3.9 stars and is for android users as well as iOS, macOS, and iPad users.

you also get registration bonuses and prices and the most exciting thing about this website is that you can easily withdraw all the cash that you have won from gambling with a click.

But the only problem is that this website is not available in all the countries for you to stream, it is only available in India and you have to use a reliable VPN like an express VPN to stream this website.

Getting access to a VPN is not something huge to do, it’s a very normal procedure and a very essential step when you stream the internet nowadays.

VPN makes sure that you are safe and that no third-party cookie store has access to your data. So, you should go and test your luck while streaming this website called 1xbet! Today!

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