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Amazon Prime Video also known as Prime Video is an entertainment platform (OTT streaming platform) that provides its users with a huge and diverse collection of content that is not available anywhere else. Prime Video offers different content for different countries.

It offers different types of movies, TV shows, series, and most importantly its original content which can be watched from anywhere on any device. Prime Video includes content produced by Amazon Studios, MGM Holdings, and all other studios licensed to Amazon. 

It also provides a service for content add-ons in the form of different channels known as Prime Video Channels or Amazon Channels. These channels allow the users to get subscriptions for additional video services from some other providers of content within Prime Video.

The users can watch movies, TV shows, series, etc on any internet-connected device without being troubled by the ads. The content can also be watched without an internet connection by downloading them to your Windows 10, iOS, or Android device.

It is a great streaming service, which is popular for making various award-winning movies, documentaries, TV series, etc. The monthly fee is very reasonable and gives you the privilege of watching unlimited content of your choice.

History of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon in 2015 announced that Amazon Prime is a membership service that will offer two-day shipping without any cost in the contiguous US on every eligible purchase for a $79 annual fee and also give a discount on rates of one-day shipping. 

This program was launched in different countries over different years. According to the reports of October 2021, 22 countries from Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America are considered to be Prime members.

The membership of Amazon Prime in Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, India, the US, and the UK has the service Amazon Video which allows users to stream particular TV programs and movies without paying any extra fee.

In 2011 Prime members were given access to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, allowing the users to easily borrow particular popular Kindle ebooks. 

In 2014, Amazon Prime’s annual US membership fee was increased by Amazon (made it $99 from $79). But it was well covered with the services they added soon. The option of Prime music was added which could provide unlimited music streaming and that too ad-free.

Later in the same year, the service Prime Photos was provided which would allow unlimited storage for files. 

The number of prime members was tens of millions by the end of 2015. This led to Amazon making an announcement for the creation of a Streaming Partners Program which is a subscription-based service providing the subscribers of Amazon Prime some additional services for streaming videos. 

At the beginning of 2016, the number of prime members was 54 million according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners report.

According to various reports, around half of the total number of US households had a subscription to Amazon Prime at that particular time. Additional offers like quick and pre-delivery kept on increasing.

In mid-2016 more services such as add-on content, video games, etc. were added. Amazon started a partnership with various game developers which offered in-game loot to the subscribers as a reward. 

By the end of 2016 Amazon offered its users the option of buying a subscription in which they could pay in alternative months instead of paying yearly. The fee was $10.99 for a month and was later increased to $12.99 at the beginning of 2018.

But the services it provides completely justify the increase in the fee of subscription plans.

What’s available on Prime Video?

Membership in Amazon Prime Video gives quick access to thousands of TV shows and movies that can be streamed on any internet-connected gadget through the Prime Video app. Consistent gadgets incorporate keen TVs, amusement comforts, gushing players, portable phones, tablets, and computers.

Prime Video regularly makes announcements for upcoming content on its site. 

Below mentioned is a list summarising what type of content is available on Prime Video:

  • Drama Series
  • Documentaries
  • Anime
  • Comedy Series
  • Kids Series
  • Movies
  • Stand-Up Comedy

How to unblock Prime Video from anywhere?

When it comes to having access to Prime Video, you do not need to worry and can easily have access to it from anywhere. 

Using a VPN for accessing it is the solution for all the people wanting to access it without facing any kind of trouble. 

You can choose any good VPN and connect to a server. What a VPN does is it hides the user’s actual IP address and provides their device with a fake IP address allowing them to safely access the website from any part of the world.

Steps to Unblock Prime Video safely from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Log into your VPN app and Connect to a suitable server(Country whose content you want to see).
  • Visit the Prime Video website and start streaming.

Why should you stream on Prime Video?

The best way to watch TV is by streaming movies and episodes on the internet and Prime Video has proven to be one of the best platforms for the same. It has a huge and diverse collection including various original content.

Following are the 3 most important points for why you should choose Prime Video for streaming:

Picture and sound quality:

Prime Video offers increased audio and video quality streaming to give its users a cinematic experience at home. The quality is different on different brands of devices.

The streaming video quality is up to Ultra HD on almost all TVs and smartphones. And the sound quality is up to 5.1 surround sound in almost all devices.

Huge content:

It is one of the best big streaming services in the whole world and maintains its position because it has a vast library of frequently updated content and ease of use across several platforms. Prime Video should definitely come to your mind while seeking anything new and good to watch.


This popular streaming service allows you to view numerous shows at once while also providing parental controls to ensure a family-friendly experience. 

The following are the highlights:

  • Content that is unique. It has millions of users especially attracted due to it having a great collection of original content. It has won many awards. 
  • Stream to several devices at the same time. It allows the users to make six profiles in one Prime Video account.
  • Content can be downloaded. To avoid wasting data, you can download material to any registered device. 
  • With numerous levels of parental controls and watch history, it’s also a simple method to keep track of what your kids are watching.
  • The video quality is excellent. The Premium package offers a better viewing experience.
  • Accessibility features are included. Subtitles and closed captions are available, as well as dubbed content, audio explanations, and more.
  • You can search your content on Prime Video.

By having a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, you will get free access to Prime Video subscription, Prime Music subscription, free express delivery, Prime-exclusive deals, discounted prices, and many more things. So, it can be said that spending money for getting a subscription plan for Prime Video is definitely worth it.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

The app can be downloaded on all types of devices, including Android, iOs, and Windows.

In the case of Android, you can download it from the Google Play Store (same for Windows) and for IOS you can download it from the Apple Store. The streaming experience is equally good on all types of devices.

Plans & Pricing

Prime Video has a choice of subscription levels to suit your needs. The subscription package you choose decides the number of screens on which it can be used to stream at the same time and the quality of the video.

It allows you to watch unlimited movies and TV shows, plays mobile games by getting any of the subscription plans.

Membership PlanFree TrialMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
Prime Membership30 Days$14.99/month$139/year
Student Prime6 Months$7.49/month$69/year
Qualified Government Assistance30 Days$6.99/monthNA

So don’t miss the opportunity to have access to such a brilliant service and pay by any method of your choice. 

Amazon Prime Alternative Sites


Amazon Prime Video has always been able to provide an incredibly good service to its users from the start when it was launched to now when it is considered to be one of the best entertainment platforms.

It is popular for offering various entertaining original content at a very reasonable price and for continuously introducing great streaming features. Its services can be used on almost all types of devices with an internet connection.

It also allows the members to purchase some movies and shows which are not a part of their own subscription. So, do not waste any more time thinking about which entertainment platform to choose and get a subscription plan for Amazon Prime Video immediately.

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