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Hey there, so glad that I bumped into you. I was just taking a break from everyday social media. I’m sure you will be able to relate. The mainstream social media platforms have become so mainstream that we have seen too much of them.

Even with the new updates that they regularly provide, the fundamentals of these platforms remain the same. You see, the excitement that is supposed to accompany every social media platform has been lost somewhere.

I bet you can relate when I say that sometimes there is an urge to see something new, something more exciting and maybe even more interactive than these social media platforms that we see almost every individual using these days.

Well then hand on. I know exactly what will make you happy, your days more fun, and answers to all your searches.

Mobile applications and media platforms have undoubtedly overtaken our lifestyles in the last decade, growing from a passing trend to a global addiction. This is to the extent that just a few of us can declare that we don’t use social media.

The 1 billion milestone – reached by networks like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and even Instagram coming closer – demonstrates the magnitude of the number and its influence. The dominance of such platforms is unsurprising, but the rise of applications from the Asian subcontinent is.

The Bigo Live application, which has roughly 300 million users, is one that is allegedly creating a lot of buzz. If the stats sound impossible, their 35 million reviews on PlayStore alone may attest to that.

Bigo Live is accessible in more than 150 nations worldwide and receives most of its visitors from Asia, including Singapore, India, Bangladesh, and South Korea, to mention a few.

There are numerous reasons why you will most likely become addicted to this software. We will talk about some of my favorite causes to use the Bigo Live app.


Bigo Live, a platform for live streaming is owned by Bigo Technology, a Singapore-based company created by David Li and Jason Hu in 2014. JOYY, which is a Chinese firm listed on the NASDAQ, owns Bigo Technology as of 2019.

In the second quarter of 2021, Bigo Live surpassed approximately 29.5 million monthly active users.

As per App Annie’s 2021 Top Breakout Social Apps by Consumer Spending, Bigo Live ranked second.

The Platform Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live social networking and video streaming app. Bingo, an internet firm based in Singapore that launched in 2016, offers a low-cost social real-time video broadcasting service with its secure Voice over Internet Protocol functionality.

The application has now become a common title, especially in Singapore and also in most Asian countries, this success in just less than three years. Bigo’s fame is due to their ability to relate to their life rather than their talent.

With Bigo Live, you may live stream with just one tap. It does not take you more than a few minutes to make and share your own videos. You could either create an account on the application itself or log in with your Google or Facebook ID. Bigo Live gives you access to fresh, popular, and local stuff.

You have the option of watching a live broadcast or participating in a chat. A broadcast can even be shared on social media.

Bigo Technology has created its own artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which are incorporated into this application. During live broadcasting, AI characteristics are employed to improve user satisfaction and participation.

Audiences can give in-app presents to their preferred presenters, and some prominent broadcasters use this app for a proper job. Like, a short video clip-making and sharing app, is owned by Bigo.

If you are willing to know more about how to access Bigo Live from anywhere and maximize the streaming speed, then Getting Started with Bigo Live is the right place to visit.

What can you stream on Bigo Live?

Unlike any other service, Bigo Live won’t begin with an ordinary basic chat room or media-sharing capability. It dominated the industry by providing a one-of-a-kind offering.

There are characteristics that allow you to stream live as well as share your personal experiences with other users of the app across the globe. It gives the viewer a lot of freedom to share their everyday experiences in a unique way, allowing the application to become a part of everyday life.

You can go live as well as actually view live streams with it. This platform allows you to share your experience with the rest of the world with a simple click, whether you are talking, playing games, dancing, or singing. 

You could also make use of the beauty filters while video chatting once the face recognition is finished. The best thing about this platform is that you will not need any talent to gain followers; simply having a nice story would be enough for you to get started.

Bigo Live connects you to huge numbers of people around the world, including amazing dancers, singers, comedians, and professors who make use of this platform to help others.

You will also find streamers who play games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2, RoV, and LOL, all of which are entertaining to watch. You can also communicate with the streamers, participate in live activities, collect awards, and give virtual presents.

This platform also allows you to video call, anyone, you wish to without having to pay any sum of money. There is an option of a multi-guest room, where you could even make a team video chat and converse with up to 9 people. If you want to talk to someone new, you may choose from a variety of chat rooms and filter by topics and region.

If you are not one of those who enjoy live-streaming, then you could switch your paths and play one of the many games available in the gaming center. Sheep Battle, Snakes & Ladders, and Ludo are just a few of the games that you could enjoy with your friends and family.

If you are interested in improving any of your soft skills, Bigo Live is an excellent software to use. Many developers offer live-streaming training lessons.

How to access Bigo Live Safely from anywhere?

If you are in a country where Bigo Live doesn’t deliver its service, you would not be able to access Bigo Live.

The only way left to access the Bigo Live website and download its app is through a VPN. ExpressVPN and ExpressVPN are some of the best VPNs for doing the same.

Steps to access Bigo Live safely from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Log into your VPN app and connect to a server in the US.
  • Visit Bigo Live and start streaming.

As not every VPN is safe to use, one most important things in this process are to choose a VPN that is private and safe to use for accessing Bigo Live preferably ExpressVPN.

Why should you stream on Bigo Live?

The Bigo Live website provides customers with free access to lots of live streams, games and so much more on any internet-connected device at any time without paying a single penny.

It’s difficult to believe that it’s the ideal website for entertainment because there are hundreds of websites on the market which claim to deliver similar services.

The three elements listed below are considered the most significant when choosing an entertainment platform, and Bigo Live’s performance on these three points is quite excellent, demonstrating why it is considered one of the top platforms.

Picture and sound quality:

You also get an advantage here because you can enjoy the best picture quality just as you would like. That too, is for the most affordable plan. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection.

This platform makes use of good video streaming technology which makes sure that the quality of the video being streamed is the best possible and as I have already told you that the quality is worth the appreciation.

Huge coverage/content library:

There is nothing that this platform of Bigo Live does not have.

The Bigo Live website provides customers with free access to a plethora of live streams from any and every field of entertainment on any internet-connected device at any time without paying a single penny.

In addition to this, they also have access to a lot of games and other informational content.

It continues to add fresh streams from various fields of entertainment in order to keep them up to speed on all of their favorite and other things that they are interested in. As a result, it is constantly expanding and diversifying its collection.

All of this made Navigation easy and this also shows the variety of content present on this website.


  • Effective User interface: It features a beautiful user interface that is tailored to the demands of the users and allows them to quickly locate what they are looking for without experiencing any difficulties.
  • Chatroom: There is a chat room where you can interact with people across the globe. You can chat with individuals as well as make chat rooms where more people can join.
  • Voice/Video chat: You can video chat with one or as many as 9 people. You can make use of this feature without having to pay any amount of money.
  • Live streams: not only can you watch live streams, but you could also become a streamer yourself. The stream can be related to anything you would like.
  • Gaming Centre: if you are not interested in live streams or talking to other people, you can go to the gaming center where you will get access to numerous games that you can play with your friends and family.
  • Refine your skills: there are so many people who do live streams that are educational in nature. This way you can find the one that you are interested in and join to refine your soft skills.
  • No boundaries: the content that you will get on this platform has no boundaries it will have anything and everything you can imagine. Moreover, you can further contribute to this plethora of content.
  • Effective UI: the platform has been designed in such a way that there are no difficulties that the users face while they are on the platform. The navigation is very easy.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

Bigo Live app’s web, iOS, Android, and PC versions all function equally well. 

The BIGO LIVE PC client has all of the same services and UI elements as the mobile and online versions of the platform. Users of PC laptops and desktop computers can simply broadcast live events and interact with their audience as well as lots of BIGO users.

Live chat rooms, unlimited viewers, and the ability to stream or see anything (games, live chats, and much more), are all features of using live streaming.

The interface of this app/ website allows all the users (no matter what their age is)to easily understand how to use it. 

Bigo Live is available for download and installation on all modern PCs running on Windows 8 or 10. The installer is only about 20 megabytes in size, and thus the only actual need is to have a reliable internet connection capable of viewing live video streams and providing enough upload bandwidth for live video broadcasting.

Plans & Pricing

Bigo Live is a renowned free live-streaming program and platform that is used all over the world!

Users can watch amazing live broadcasts, play live games, talk with people from all around the world, or even go live and be social media influencers.

Bigo Live Alternative Sites

  • Bigo Live
    Hey there, so glad that I bumped into you. I was just taking a break from everyday social media. I’m sure you will be able to relate. The mainstream social media platforms have become so mainstream that we have seen too much of them. Even with the new updates that they regularly provide, the fundamentals…


Bigo Live is a new platform for live streaming and also a social networking platform that allows all the users to be live.

This platform’s innovative integration of the latest Artificial Intelligence service, which can boost user engagement and create unique experiences throughout live streaming, is one of the technical aspects which supports and elevates the experience of all the users.

Spectators can use advanced discovery tools, interact with users, invite people, and exchange presents. Game Live (which closely resembles the functioning of other live-streaming services) and Showbiz (which streams talk programs) are the two main genres of live-streaming content. Users can participate in private audio sessions and family chats in addition to public chats.

In order to make sure that you do not get troubled because of any kind of possible harm to your device or online security by hackers or any third party, you must have a strong VPN while accessing this website.

ExpressVPN is one such VPN that can be trusted for the same. So get any plan of ExpressVPN and start using Bigo Live today!

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