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Cartoons and animated pictures are popular among people all around the world. Many people still enjoy cartoons from the 1980s and 2000s, such as Tom & Jerry, Mr. Bean, the Looney Tunes Show, and others.

It’s difficult to view them again in our generation, and whole episodes are quite rare. Today I will tell you about a website on which you can watch cartoons for free. It is SuperCartoon.

With this finest free cartoon streaming site, you may watch thousands of ancient, classic, and new cartoon shows online. From Tom and Jerry to Scooby-Doo, and from Looney Tunes to Popeye the Sailor Man, this incredible website has it all. The best thing about the SuperCartoons website is that you don’t have to join up to utilize it.

Furthermore, the website includes a basic user-friendly interface and various useful connections to assist users in rapidly locating their favorite cartoon videos (such as cartoon characters, studios, episodes, and so on.)

I believe the site’s design might be improved to make it more immersive. For example, I’d want to see the design mirror that of Netflix – or even YouTube – to allow for a more fluid experience of the site’s videos. But, for what it is, Super Cartoons does an excellent job… with few advertising and no fees or subscriptions, to boot.

The platform SuperCartoon

SuperCartoons is another fantastic resource for watching classic cartoons online. It now has ancient Scooby-Doo episodes on its home page. Because you can arrange the cartoons by characters, studio, and series, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. There is no need to register or download anything.

Road Runner, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales, and other characters may be found on SuperCartoons.

Cartons are only for children! Luckily, this is not always the case. Of course, there is some validity to that remark; animated series are typically targeted at youngsters. Today, however, this model is being questioned on all sides.

With a burgeoning market of adult cartoons – that was spearheaded by shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy – maybe adults can enjoy animated series just as much as kids. And, every once in a while, it can be fun to revisit the cartoons of our childhood today.

They just don’t make cartoons like they used to. I don’t know how old you are, dear reader, but I, for one, grew up in the golden age of animation.

Yes, I’m talking about shows like Looney Tunes, and Scooby-Doo, as well as all of the beloved shorts featuring iconic characters like Porky Pig, Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse (back before he was just a mascot for Disney), Wile E. Coyote, and Tom and Jerry. All of the classics.

If I told you I never got nostalgic for these shows, you’d be lying. I am immediately transported to my childhood home when I turn on an episode of Scooby-Doo or Looney Tunes. I’m back as a youngster, sitting on the rug with a bowl of cereal, laughing uncontrollably while Road Runner throws Wile E. Coyote off yet another cliff, or under yet another anvil. It doesn’t get any better than that.

A lot of free cartoon streaming sites are aimed at kids, but every now and then, I come across a site that has plenty of videos from my childhood. Super Cartoons, on the other hand, not only provide a nice journey down memory lane every now and again, but they also make it easy for me to share my favorite childhood episodes with my own children.

Of course, today’s cartoons are nothing like the old ones. And I, for one, long for the days when cartoons were just that: cartoons, rather than CGI computer graphics or live-action remakes that blur the borders between animation and reality.

Cartoons should be hilarious, absurd, and imaginative. This is why sites like Super Cartoons are so beneficial to those of us who are still children at heart, as well as our own children.

The site design of Super Cartoons is quite straightforward. The home page has a sky-blue background with moving clouds softly along the top of the page. It isn’t the most attractive streaming site I’ve ever seen, but it seems fitting for the content. It gives the site a great sense of dynamic joy, and I always love it when the style of a website reflects the content it contains in some manner.

Apart from that, the site is well-organized. You can browse Super Cartoons’ videos using the site menu bar at the top of the page. Simply select from the following options: Home, Cartoons, Characters, Studios, or Series. This allows you to search the site as broadly or as narrowly as you choose.

The one major feature that is conspicuously absent is a search box, which would allow you to enter a specific term rather than having to scroll through pages to discover what you’re searching for.


It can be tough to locate any true history on free streaming websites like these. The creators of these sites are frequently unidentified, and much about how they came to be is kept under wraps. The one thing I can say for sure about SuperCartoons is that it has been in existence since 2012, according to the website.

The fact that Super Cartoons has been free for nearly a decade is remarkable. And here’s to Super Cartoons lasting another decade (and beyond! ), as it’s a fantastic repository of some of the most vintage (and hard-to-find) animated stuff ever.

What can you stream on SuperCartoon?

Super Cartoons is a great place to find the best of classic cartoons. There are only a few cartoons that are as good as the ones featured on this site. Free of charge, enjoy timeless favorites such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Tom and Jerry.

On its home page, Super Cartoons boasts that it has over 1,000 cartoons. While I hate to be the one who criticizes the site, I think that it could be expanded to include more cartoons from different networks. Also, the newest one that you’ll find on the site probably aired during the 1970s. It doesn’t contain any full-length movies or episodes.

If Super Cartoons were to expand its content, it would become even more amazing. It could also feature newer shows from the 80s, 90s, and early aughts, as well as feature-length movies and episodes. However, this would probably result in a copyright nightmare, and it could affect the entire site.

How to access SuperCartoon safely from anywhere?

If you are in a country where AnimeBam doesn’t deliver its service, you would not be able to access the platform by the traditional straightforward method. Wait, don’t lose hope yet!

You can still access the platform using a slightly different yet simple method.

In such cases, the only way left to access the platform for watching anime is through a VPN. Here is how to access this website safely from anywhere.

There are so many things about this website that you should know, will list all of them below with an explanation. It is our main aim to tell you everything about the website so that you wouldn’t need to go to any other source for the information.

Steps to access Sup safely SuperCartoon from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Log into your VPN app and connect to a server in the US.
  • Visit the SuperCartoon website and start streaming.

As not every VPN is safe to use, one most important things in this process are to choose a VPN that is private and safe to use for accessing SuperCartoon, preferably ExpressVPN.

Why should you stream on SuperCartoons?

You should stream on this website because –

  • It is a free website, if we compare it to the popular OTT platforms we can easily say that this is more affordable.
  • It has HD-quality Content and excellent sound quality.
  • It provides you with subtitles and dubbed episodes and does not charge you a penny.
  • It is easy to access via VPN, No need to register or subscribe anywhere.
  • It has a vast content gallery that you will be shocked to see as it currently has hundreds of anime series going on.
  • You get everything, HD quality, and that too for free. I guess now there is no need to further explain that you should stream this website.

Animebam is a creative website with many marvelous features and that’s the reason why you should stream on this platform.

Now let us discuss other main features of this website and why should you stream this site.

Picture and sound quality:

AnimeBam is popular because of its quality content and a vast variety of content all over the world.

Nonetheless, the platform is featured to adjust the quality of the video by the quality of internet connectivity, be it with wifi or mobile data. So, basically what I am trying to convey here is that you have the choice, you want it in 240p or 1080p it’s all up to you and your internet connectivity.

You can download any anime that you would like to watch later in the utility and file format of your choice.

Huge content:

AnimeBam provides you with a massive content library of over 800+ anime series. You can watch the majority of the content in SD and HD quality without any buffering.

We have already discussed above that the only main and best feature of this website is that it has a vast variety of content with many categories and genres.

The content available AnimeBam is miraculously huge. You can get all the latest anime and their updated episodes as soon as they are released or in just some time.

You will get anime content from all eras, time frames, ratings, genres, and statuses.

In all the places where you can avail of the service the platform provides, it works similarly, that is, the content present on the platform would be derived from third-party sources.


The following are the highlights:

  • Easy Search: The platform has been designed in such a way that it makes it very easy for all its users to search for the content that they are looking for by making the search option fairly uncomplicated.
  • Easily Comprehensible: There is no requirement for you to stress about learning how to use the platform, it has been designed to be easily comprehended by all users. The navigation is very easy and understandable for the daily new visitors.
  • Download: Content can be downloaded easily and watched anywhere anytime and on any device. You can choose the file format as well as the size of the download.
  • Friendly User Interface: The user interface of the platform is designed to best suit its users and to make it easy for the user to find their way through the huge content.
  • Multiple genres: There are an impressively huge number of genres that you can watch, each having a significant number of anime.
  • Hot content catalog: The platform offers the most up-to-date anime content from a wide range of sources. Currently, you get hundreds of anime series and it is still counting. There are daily new releases on their website. This website contains a huge amount of anime content.
  • Filters: You get this feature on a free website, what else do you need? There are multiple filters to help you assist in sorting and looking for exactly the kind of content you are looking for. The list is divided according to alphabetical order so that you can find your favorite shows easily.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

SuperCartoon is a great website that is compatible with every kind of device which has internet connectivity.

You can access this website with any device, via mobile or desktop, and have fun watching your favorite anime show.

It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It is accessible via mobile or desktop, and you can watch animated shows there without any trouble

A search bar is available on the front page, where you may look for any anime show you want. On the right, you’ll find all of the categories. It’s simple to watch anime series on SuperCartoon.

Plans & Pricing

We are extremely happy to inform you that SuperCartoon provides all the anime content for free.

The content available is of good audio and video quality and can be accessed through any device having an internet connection. 

Super Cartoons’ best feature is that it is completely free, with only a few advertisements. Popups, on-page adverts, and ads that play before the video content begins to abound on most sites like this.

When it comes to advertisements, though, Super Cartoons are particularly light-handed. A simple adblocker will easily protect you from any unwanted solicitation.

You do not require to pay any money to get a subscription plan because it’s free. You just have to get access to a VPN to use SuperCartoons. This is not mandatory but it’s always advisable to do so to ensure that your access is completely safe and to be able to access the website from any part of the world.

NordVPN and Express VPNs are at the top of the list of all the trustworthy and good VPNs available in the market at present. The steps to access this website through a VPN are mentioned above.

SuperCartoons Alternative Sites


This is the end of the article and now you have learned every tiny detail about the website called SuperCartoons.

For starters, I’d like to see SuperCartoons create an app that is both entertaining and useful. I believe that the site’s style, as well as the type of preserved content it contains, would lend itself nicely to the app sector. Given the nature of the website, however, this is quite unlikely.

However, as I previously stated, I believe that SuperCartoons would benefit greatly by increasing their show lineup. The site is still a bit niche at the moment. I’d want to see their services broadened. Perhaps a paid upgrade might allow this.

So I kept my promise and here we are at the end of this article. I have told you every little detail about the website so that there is no need to go to any other source now.

I even solved every problem you faced accessing the particular site, so my work here is done and now it is all up to you whether you want to stream on SuperCartoons or not forget to have access to a great quality VPN.

So, remember you want to stream this website or any other pirated website like this one, you have got to make sure that you have the access to a great quality VPN.

All you need is a subscription to a reliable VPN such as NordVPN to safely access this website. So get a VPN plan and start streaming SuperCartoons today!

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