KissAnime| How to Access Safely From Anywhere

You must have known about the Anime fever people are having these days. This is all because of the popularity of anime these days. Anime is very popular among kids and teenagers and anime is becoming an industry.

It is becoming a never-ending Industry because in anime we have never-ending series and people are becoming addicted to these kinds of series. The investment is very low and the profit the anime industry is making is in the billions.

This is because of all of us, because of our appreciation. People wait eagerly for new releases.

As you know we are going to talk about the website called KissAnime. KissAnime is a website that is related to Anime cartoons. Nothing else you will get on this website, only Anime.

But when you ask to what extent you can have the anime content on this website the answer will be that the extent of anime content uploaded on this website is far better than any other anime streaming website.

So, let us begin our discussion and run a critical analysis on the website called KissAnime.

We will be talking about the Platform itself and the other features it holds. Let me clarify one thing here, this is not a promotion of this website so you will be hearing about all the negatives of KissAnime too.

By providing you with every kind of positive and negative detail about this website we are just being fair with our audience.

The Platform KissAnime

KissAnime is an excellent website for people who have an interest in watching Anime shows. These people have huge anime content you will be amused when you visit their website.

The website is great and is easily accessible by everyone until and unless you have a good quality VPN. We will be talking about VPNs in the sub-section and will let you know every detail you should know.


The Design of this website is very unique and creative. Anime is a cartoon and Kids mostly watch it that is why the home page has been made a bit attractive and eye-catchy so that kids would love it. The posters of the series updated on this website are put in a box so that people can easily search for their favorite ones.

They have a very friendly user interface and very easy navigation. As this website is free you might face some redirects while generating the download links and the reason behind the redirects is stated in the next section.

About the Website

KissAnime is a pirated website and this is the reason behind the fact that it is banned in many countries. It is a free website but it violated the Copyright of the real owner of the Content and hence the government has banned it.

Streaming on this website or any pirated website is unlawful and illegal. That is why we need to have access to a good quality VPN because VPN is the only savior here.

Being a pirated website KissAnime was not always KissAnime, It was KissManga before and was shut down on the 14th of August 2020 after its 8 years of existence. It all happened because of Copyright complaints from all over the world but it came through and now it is known as KissAnime.

What can you stream on KissAnime?

You can stream thousands of anime episodes on KissAnime right now. When you reach the website you will see four categories – Home, Anime List, Trending, and Schedule. You can go to each section and look out for your favorite shows.

You get to see all the trending episodes of these popular series on KissAnime- Mahjong Soul Pon☆, Onipan!, Dance Dance Danseur, The Executioner and Her Way of Life, Yi Wan Nian Yi Hou, One Piece, Black cover, etc.

You get the Anime listed in alphabetical order so that it becomes easy for the person who searches for the particular series and not just the series but the genres are also listed in alphabetical order which is insane because this website carries more the 40 genres of Anime.

You get to stream never-ending anime piece series and do a lot more fun on this website. This website is specially made for anime content lovers it does not upload any other content.

So if you are into Anime then go have a look at the KissAnime website. You only require a considerate VPN, and in further sections, we will be dictating to you how you are supposed to use a VPN for your security and stream these kinds of pirated websites.

How to access KissAnime Safely from anywhere?

If you are in a country where KissAnime doesn’t deliver its service, you would not be able to access KissAnime. All you need is to be in a country where this website is not banned. This is practically not possible for anyone of you so here comes the use of a VPN.

VPN changes your location to any other where you want your location to be. The great VPN you have the more countries you get as options. The choice is yours.

VPN is the only way left to access the KissAnime website. The most accurate and reliable VPN we know to date is ExpressVPN and ExpressVPN is some of the best VPNs for doing the same.

We are spoon-feeding with all the knowledge about the website and the road leading to accessing KissAnime safely.

Steps to access KissAnime safely from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Log into your VPN app and connect to a server in the US.
  • Visit KissAnime website and start streaming.

As not every VPN is safe to use, one most important things in this process are to choose a VPN that is private and safe to use for accessing KissAnime preferably ExpressVPN.

Why should you stream on KissAnime?

The answer to this question will be given to you in so many other sections where we will be defining the picture and sound quality, Desktop and mobile experience, Features, Plans, and pricing of this website if any!

So, read carefully from now onwards it is all facts and features and nothing extra. We will be talking about why you people should stream this website despite many others.

As we have discussed above that KissAnime is a very old website earlier it was known by the name KissManga, and this website has had its audience for many years. You know when people decide to stick to something, that is only because it has some qualities that others don’t have.

We will be discussing all the negatives and positives of this website and you will get the answer to your question that why should you stream this website?

Picture and sound quality:

KissAnime gives HD and SD content. All you need is a device that has internet connectivity and you are good to go. You get to choose the quality you want your movie in, they provide you with 240p, 360p, 480p, and the highest ever 1080p.

It all depends on your device and your internet connectivity whether you download 240p or you watch to watch your videos in 1080p.

Whereas if we talk about the sound quality, it is excellent and you also get the opportunity of dubbed and subbed content which is a relief for the audience and a way of getting more visitors for these people.

Decent content library:

We have already talked about how huge the content library of KissAnime is. you get all the popular anime series on this website.

The newly released episode is always immediately uploaded to their website in the trending section. They have thousands of episodes streaming on their website. The content of this website makes it different from other websites. You can stream every episode of One Piece on KissAnime. Now, what else do you need?

Now you have to make sure that you visit this website and check out the amazing content quantity they have.


  • Easily Comprehensible – The design and appearance of this website are very subtle and this is the reason it is very easy to understand how to stream this website.
  • Easy Search through Keywords – You have many filters and the feature of searching through keywords and the most incredible feature is that you get an alphabetical listing of all the series and episodes so that you can reach out to them very easily.
  • Hundreds of options available – Not just hundreds but thousands of options are available and you only need to have access to a VPN like Express VPN and then stream this incredible website.
  • Easy Navigation -They have made navigation quite easy and understandable by listening to the alphabet on top and genre on the right-hand side of the website’s home page.
  • Friendly User Interface – KissAnime is a very simple and sober User interface that people find very familiar.
  • Hot content updated every day – New episodes are updated on this website as soon as they are released. You get to watch the trending content on this platform.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

You don’t have to take care of the device because this website works miraculously on every device no matter if it’s an Android or an iOS.

All you need is a device that has an internet connection and access to a VPN. These two are mandatory to have access to KissAnime and stream like a pro without any redirects and restrictions.

The quality and device you have to choose at your convenience.

Plans & Pricing

KissAnime is a free website. All the thousands of episodes of the blockbuster series are provided to you and they are charging you nothing, yes! not even a single penny.

Here is the truth, accessing this website is free, and where you have to invest in a VPN. A secure VPN. A VPN that will make way for you to access not just KissAnime but thousands of websites like KissAnime.

Understand the reason behind buying and investing, when you take a subscription plan for an app or a website then you are not investing you are buying the plan but when we talk about VPN.

You will be investing in it because it will be beneficial in the future whenever you will be wanting to access any pirated website.

KissAnime Alternative Sites


I would like to conclude this by saying that the things we discussed above state that KissAnime is a great platform where one can stream and watch popular pieces series and many others.

The website is great and has many marvelous features. We will conclude this article by saying that KissAnime is a great website there is no doubt about it, you get to stream your favorite anime shows, and that too for free.

But remember the dark side of it is that it is not accessible to you until and unless you have access to a VPN.

So, if you want to stream this great site for watching Anime then now after all the information you are good to go.

All you need to do is have access to a great quality VPN like Express VPN which is considered to be a great quality VPN. So go and stream anime on the KissAnime website!

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