NordVPN Review 2022 | Is It Enough Safe to Use?

A virtual Private Network, briefed as VPN is a kind of passage that is safe and secure from numerous kinds of interferences like online snooping, censorship, hackers, government agencies, etc. VPN creates a secure passage between your system and the Internet.

Online banking frauds are so common today, that even the government is spreading awareness through campaigns and advertisements.

Hence, VPN here is not a choice it is a necessity. It secures your device and your Bank’s personal information from hackers and frauds. VPN assures you safe and secure payments without leaking any important information to any other site or app.

About NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the options that you get in the market when you are looking for a great VPN. Many people have reviewed this and made it clear that NordVPN is no less than a miracle in the VPN industry.

Today I will be writing a review of NordVPN and let me clarify in advance that this article is just for the purpose of information and not for the promotion of the VPN.

Whatsoever I will be mentioning in this article can be cross-checked and all the negatives, as well as positive sides, will be shown to you. You can blindly trust the information that I will be giving you because this is going to be a very well-researched article.

So, let us start this review with some features.

NordVPN Features

We are starting with the pros because “we should always look at the positive side first“. Philosophy apart, the fact that I am starting with the pros first is because the number of pros is more than the cons, and NordVPN is counted as a great VPN because of all these reasons that I have listed below.

Onion Over VPN

Do you know what an onion looks like, it has all these layers and stuff. When you will peel one layer there will be another and then another and this is how an onion is.

Here, in the Onion Over VPN feature, NordVPN will encrypt your data through so many different servers and tunnels which will be impossible to track and as a result, it will provide you more privacy and safety.

No Data Leaks/Nordlynx Protocol+CHACHA20 CIPHER

NordVPN uses Ram Servers only and they can not retain the user data so just be free of mind while you are using NordVPN because they can not retain their user data and you are absolutely safe using their network.

The NordLynx protocol is an encryption system that makes sure to protect your data from other viruses and thirty-party cookie stores, basically, it is an encryption process that secures your data while traveling to different servers.

The combination that NordVPN uses, NordLynx+CHACHA20 CIPHER is an unbreakable bond when you talk about privacy.

Split Tunneling Support

This is an advanced feature provided by NordVPN, by using this feature you can split the apps that need VPN protection and those which can be easily accessed without using a VPN which means directly from the internet.

By splitting the application this way into two different groups, it will make your work easier and the applications that need protection will be secured by the VPN and the rest can enjoy freedom and speed while streaming.


This is an incredible feature that NordVPN provides you it creates a private tunnel for you to connect to other devices no matter where that device is in the whole world.

It does sound similar to the VPN but it works differently, with this feature you can connect your device to any other divide around the globe and you can share data and communicate via your own private tunnel and nobody can invade your privacy there.

Multiple devices

One subscription to the NordVPN account will let you operate six devices at once. Isn’t this amazing news? now you can share NordVPN’s security with your whole family.

No matter which device you use it is windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, or any other software, NordVPN is compatible with all devices.

This VPN will shield every device you use no matter what software you are using, It will make sure you are safe out there and it will hide your IP Address from hackers and third-party traffic.

Functional Kill switch

This is my personal favorite feature of NordVPN, It provides absolute security to you in the form of blocking unwanted advertisements and other malicious links.

It is a great feature that you will get only in NordVPN and it works fantastically.

Now let us move on to the negatives or the hindrances caused by NordVPN. The number of cons is very less compared to the pros and this fact gives you an idea of how incredibly NordVPN works.

NordVPN’s new 10bps server policy

NordVPN’s new 10bps server policy has definitely raised the bar for speed. It is very difficult to maintain this kind of speed for a VPN but Nord VPN has made it come true, they already have around 5200 servers in around 60 countries but they are planning on increasing the number on a high scale which will automatically increase the speed.

This is going to be a game-changer upgrade for NordVPN because it slows down the speed by 10% only and this hindrance will be cured by the New 10bps server policy.

Dark web Monitor

This is an advanced feature where you be alerted if some website or any hacker leaks your credentials to the dark web.

NordVPN makes sure that nobody invades your privacy but it also has this dark web monitor for situations where there is any leak of the information the data to the dark web then you will be notified within the same second and you can exit the website and save your data.

Support 24/7

Whenever you face any problem, or you have any query, you do not know which server is the fastest or you are new to the VPN and you are not familiar with the working then NordVPN gives you a 24/7 support service, which will available to you 24/7 for answering your queries and helping you out.

Why should you go for NordVPN?

Overall rank:1 out of 29
No logs policy:No logs
Price:From $3.29/month
Servers:5400+ servers in 60 countries and still counting
Streaming services:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Disney, and many more

Now that you have known all the negatives and positives about NordVPN then you must have noticed that it has more great and impressive features than cons.

It is obviously an imbalance between the positives and negatives and the number of Pros is more than the cons, this is what makes NordVPN one of the greatest VPNs in 2022.

I have already mentioned all the features of NordVPN but there are still many of them left that you will discover when you will get access to NordVPN. You can subscribe to this VPN from your account and all your family members can avail of the offers and use the privileges it offers you.

There have been made many tests on NordVPN and they have all the reports on their website. let me tell you one more thing about this VPN, they have everything for real there is not a single thing that has been made up and it is hollow from the inside.

NordVPN is rated 4+ Stars and this rating shows that it is already ahead of the competition from many other VPNs. We do have ExpressVPn and CyberGhost which work similarly to this. If you want you can check them out.

Speed and Performances

Whenever you are using a VPN, you will notice the speed dropping and this is the case with every VPN. Basically, using VPN slows the speed automatically. It’s the working of the VPN, as it uses so many servers and hides your IP address all this process makes the speed slow down.

So, the case with all the VPNs is that they reduce the speed up to 20% to 30%, and on the other side NordVPN reduces the speed up to 10% to 15% which gives it an edge over the other VPNs in the competition.

NordVPN Torrenting

Nord Vpn is a very shielded VPN for the option of torrenting. It operates with the P2P file-sharing servers that deliver AES-256-bit encryption which is also called the Kill switch functionality and prevents data leaks.

NordVPN is very reliable and compatible with torrent clients and It makes it very understandable and comprehensible to safely download all the required torrents.

NordVPN for Gaming

As I have told you before that NordVPN is known for its speed and speed is something that is required the most in gaming. The gamers use NordVPN because it is the most reliable and compatible VON for Gaming purposes.

The speed makes it easier for them to play games otherwise it is very difficult via using other VPNs which reduces the speed by up to 30%.

NordVPN for Streaming

NordVPN is best after ExpressVPN for Streaming purposes. Its features make it a lot easier for users to stream. You get to access all the streaming services securely via using NordVPN.

You can stream on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney, and Disney Plus. Using NordVPN’s server you can easily unblock up to 10 Netflix libraries and this is obviously one of the biggest reasons that NordVPN is actually popular for streaming.

Plan and Pricing

$5.29/mo$397.68$126.96 for the first 2 years
VAT may apply
30-day money-back guarantee
$3.99/mo$253.92$95.76 for the first 2 years30-day money-back guarantee
$3.29/mo$198.96$78.96 for the first 2 years30-day money-back guarantee
Plans and pricing offered by NordVPN
*30-Days money-back guarantee

You must be thinking what is this sentence that I have mentioned in the above table thrice? It says, “30-Days money-back guarantee”. Yes! it is what it says. You get the money refund after 30 days, it’s their policy and this is a great privilege for you.

NordVPN Alternative Sites


This was an honest review of NordVPN for the year 2022. I have made it all clear to you, I mentioned the features and the things that I dislike or want to change, in this application.

All In all, NordVPN is a great option if you are looking for a VPN, it will offer you so many features and privileges that you can enjoy with your family.

NordVPN is the safest VPN ever that will make sure that you are safeguarded from outside hackers and other third-party cookie stores. You will definitely enjoy using this VPN for gaming, streaming, and torrenting.

So, at last, I just want to say that this was the most honest review for me, and I have shared my experience with you all I expect you to consider NordVPN a good VPN because it works incredibly well. The rest is all up to you!

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