Top 10 Free SWatchSeries Alternatives for Streaming

Top 10 Free SWatchSeries Alternatives

There are several websites present over the internet which allows people to stream different movies and web series online. Another such website is SWatchSeries, hence here we are finding the SWatchSeries alternatives which can help people on a rainy day. 

SWatchSeries is a platform which provides diverse options for their audience to watch for free. Their platform even allows their users to download different movies of their choice for free according to their ease and need. 

But since the platform has come into notice of several people, it has started facing some backlogs. Hence, we have to find free SWatchSeries alternatives to save us from such issues which come in the way of our relaxing time. 

Since there are millions of websites present over the internet, we have curated a special list which provides you with the actually worthy options for free SWatchSeries alternatives. People can select the best platform for themselves according to their needs with the list curated below!

Moreover, using such websites is simple and helps you save your budget to a great extent. All these websites are available for free and require very simple steps for you to follow through them in order to watch and stream movies or web series. 

Although, one still has to remain cautious about the usage of websites available over the internet. With different issues present over the internet, people always have to maintain their privacy. 

To overcome such issues present over the internet, there are several options to undertake to safeguard yourself. One such option is the usage of VPN services for renowned companies like the ExpressVPN. 

Companies like ExpressVPN have been curating methodologies to ensure the safety of their users with appropriate measures. People can trust these companies with their eyes closed.

Now let us begin to know further about such SWatchSeries alternatives along with how VPN services can help us with such websites. 

Top 10 Free SWatchSeries Alternatives

1. TV Player

This website is a unique SWatchSeries alternatives present over the internet for people who love binge-watching different web series. The website provides different series for people to choose from. 

One can find the best of all time shows along with the latest series and web series which are grossing over different channels. People can stream for the longest time over this platform. 

Although, there is only one issue, the website of TV Player is currently available only over the country of UK. But services like ExpressVPN can help you get through such issues and make you access this website. 

2. SideReels 

If you are a person who loves to watch different serials and series rather than movies, then this website can be your SWatchSeries alternatives. The website of SideReels provides people with the latest series launched and grossing. 

One can access this website from multiple devices such as laptops or mobile phones without any issues. Moreover, the website consists of about 25,000 options for people to discover from their catalogues. 

People can also find features such as a series tracker for your ease to catch up right where you left on their website. People can actually have an amazing time watching over this website. 

3. ShareTV

If you are looking for a website that provides the award winning movies and web series, then ShareTV is your destination. If you love discovering different genres then this platform can actually make you have a nice time. 

Apart from series which stream over the Cable TVs, people can also catch up over the originals from different streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. One can also catch up with the list of trending videos under their platform to keep up with the latest series. 

4. VIU

If you are looking for an Indian version SWatchSeries alternatives, then VIU might be the best platform to come to your aid. VIU also lets you choose from the country or region you stay at and hence provides you with personalized suggestions. 

The platform of VIU is actually an OTT platform which provides all the online content for streaming for free. Hence, people can easily stream over their website. 

5. SeeHD

This platform can actually be considered as one of the most famous SWatchSeries alternatives due to the amount of categories and genres present over their platform for different movies and web series. 

Moreover, people who have a bit of a sports side towards their interest can also find content related to WWE on their platform. People can also discover different talk shows to view and catch up live. 

The best part is, the website of SeeHD lets the users stream over their platform for free and that too with an HD quality. 

6. CMovies HD 

If you are a movie fanatic and prefer watching movies rather than series, then this might be your SWatchSeries alternatives. People who prefer finding movies according to their categories then this might become their favourite platform. 

It has one of the most interactive user interfaces and is pretty arranged and easy to use for people. People can select from the options available over the platform of CMoviesHD making it one of the good free options. 

7. ConTV

ConTV is actually the best SWatchSeries alternatives for the people who love watching different comedy shows and comic movies and genres. Moreover, people can also find different and the best comic books present on their website. 

People can find movies and shows present on their platform according to their release and launch dates. One can find several options with such features and hence makes it a good platform to discover movies and series for free over the internet. 

8. AZMovies

If you are a person who can handle a few advertisements to watch quality content, then AZMovies is your place. The platform of AZMovies provides you with thousands of options to choose from whether it is a movie or web series. 

It has a pretty interactive website and people have the freedom of choosing from different categories and genres. Although, since this website tends to display more advertisements , they have more security threats. Hence, using a VPN service from companies like ExpressVPN should be the best. 

9. FMovies

This is one of the most loving free SWatchSeries alternatives which has over millions of users across the world. FMovies offers different movies and web series for people to watch over the internet. 

The website also has an interactive interface and people can search through the search button available. Alongside, one can also choose by segregating through the features of categories and genres. 

10. Freevee

As the name resonates with their service, Freevee is a platform which is actually owned by Amazon itself but provides different online content to watch for free. But since they provide the content for free, they have a lot of advertisements present on their platform. 

Moreover, apart from different features available, Freevee also contains a list of live TV channels which can be live streamed just like a cable TV. Hence, with all such features, Freevee can be considered as a suitable SWatchSeries alternative. 

Accessing Different Websites Through ExpressVPN 

Streaming online on different websites can be a tough task. Since one cannot trust any website over the internet, one should take up necessary security services like the help of VPN from reputed companies like the ExpressVPN. 

VPN services which safeguards the best interest of people through such websites and hence lets them watch peacefully without any risks. 

Here are the steps given below which can be used while one tries streaming into different websites which are amazing Netflix alternatives. 

Steps to access to the different Websites safely from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Log into your VPN app and connect to a server in the US.
  • Visit the website which you want and start streaming.

By following through the steps mentioned above, people can get through different websites without any issue and can stream any type of content they wish to see. 


There are different options present over the internet which can be considered as the best SWatchSeries alternatives. But the above given options are curated according to the best platforms which can be accessed by the audience. 

Moreover, to solve all issues which one might encounter while using the websites over the internet, options to use different VPN services have been given which might help users to a great extent to protect themselves from any malpractices over the internet. 

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