Top 10 YesMovies Alternatives for Streaming

Top 10 YesMovies Alternatives for Streaming

Knowing and using different websites for streaming online content is what some of us love the most. But when one of our most loved websites undergoes some issues, then we have to move upon some other options. Hence, here we are finding the top 10 free YesMovies alternatives for streaming in 2022. 

At times all of us can remember the memories where we used to wait for the cable TV for streaming of the latest movies and series. But with developments under technology and increasing digitalization, people can easily watch different movies and web series all under the internet. 

The biggest plus point of these facilities is that people can connect anywhere and can easily watch their favourite shows and movies anytime and anywhere. Moreover, one does not have to be in front of their televisions, these websites can work on any device whether it is your mobile phone or television. 

One such website which provides you with streaming content is YesMovies. The platform of YesMovies was curated for the users who love watching different movies, web series and documentaries. 

People can find content from across the world on the platform of YesMovies. People can find several choices present on their website with different categories and genres of movies. But at times the platform does not seem to work. Hence, one can choose from the YesMovies alternatives provided further in the article. 

Besides, not every website present over the internet is completely trustable. Hence, people should opt for appropriate security measures such as using VPN services from reputed companies like the ExpressVPN. 

Now let us further know the YesMovies alternatives and discover the new websites which can provide you with an amazing time streaming over the internet. 

Top 10 Free YesMovies Alternatives for Streaming

1. 123Movies

One of the most amazing platforms available for online streaming is 123Movies which displays different content like the movies and series on their platform from different countries. From Bollywood to Hollywood, one can find it all. 

People can find multiple categories of movies for them to watch for free. People can stream content at any time they wish to watch it. Hence, 123Movies can be considered as one of the best YesMovies alternatives. 

2. ConTV

The next in the list for one of the most amazing platforms is ConTV. It can be considered as one of the best YesMovies alternatives since one can see different content without paying on their website. 

This website entertains users for both streaming and gaming. Although people can find a lot of Anime-related content over the platform of ConTV. One can also find movies and web series just like the website of YesMovies but Anime content is additionally present for the audience who wishes to see them. 

3. MovieWatcher

Another platform which provides their users with the best and the latest movies to view is the MovieWatcher. This platform provides several qualitative movies along with the BluRay resolutions as well. 

Moreover, their website also provides users with the most viewed movies on their website such that people can keep track of the best movies which are currently trending. Apart from movies, people can also catch up with their favourite TV shows with full episodes. 

All such features make the platform of MovieWatcher as one of the best YesMovies alternatives. 

4. PrimeWire

Another platform which has done spectacular work regarding streaming of movies is PrimeWire. People can find numerous content available on their website including the original works from top streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

Although, one can just stream upto 720p of resolutions on to their platform but can stream easily even with a low internet quality. Moreover, the website tends to redirect you on a new page whenever you select to stream a movie or series. 

But to protect your device’s safety and security, one should surely install a VPN service from reputed companies like the ExpressVPN. 

5. PopcornFlix

Running as one of the top most platforms for streaming, PopcornFlix can be your next destination for streaming free movies and series on their platform. As the name suggests, one just has to grab a bucket of popcorn to have a time of their life through this website. 

From movies, web series to documentaries, people can find everything present on their platform. One can even find controversial movies and series which might not be present on other platforms. Hence, making PopcornFlix as one of a kind platform. 

6. Movie4u

This is another incredible platform which can provide people with several options of movies and series to stream from. People can find several categories of movies and films available to choose from on their platform. 

Moreover, people who love downloading and saving movies for a later time should surely discover their platform. People can easily select the quality and type of movie they want to watch and can download them for a later time. 

7. PutLocker

This is another platform which cannot be missed while listing the best YesMovies alternatives since the website of Putlocker is loved by many. It is considered as one of the most reliable streaming platforms which provides different contents for free. 

People can select from many categories and genres available on their platform. From sci-fi to horror movies, one can find them all at one single place. Moreover, they also provide the background information about the movie or series you want to stream and provide you with an easy insight. 

8. SolarMovies

The platform of SolarMovies is another one which provides their audience with free movies and web series without asking them to sign-up for their service. People can find new releases on their platform as soon as they are put up in the cinemas. 

Moreover, this platform tends to display only minimal advertisements as compared to other websites. Hence, people can actually have an uninterrupted streaming experience and can enjoy their time to a great extent. 

9. FMovies

Talking about YesMovies alternatives and not listing up FMovies is not possible! FMovies is one of a kind platform which is loved by many and provides several features all over their platform. 

People can find many categories and genres to stream from along with less or no advertisements such that one can have an amazing time without having to worry about useless advertisements. 

Hence, people should at least go once on the platform of FMovies and should browse through their collection of movies and web series. 

10. GoMovies

As the name suggests, people can find this platform as a go-to destination for streaming and watching several movies and web series all at one website. People can enjoy several options to stream from completely for free. 

GoMovies can be your favourite platform if you love finding out both the old and new movies alternatively. Also it can make you catch up with your favourite serieses as well. Hence, one should actually visit their platform. 

Accessing Different Websites Through ExpressVPN 

Streaming online on different websites can be a tough task. Since one cannot trust any website over the internet, one should take up necessary security services like the help of VPN from reputed companies like the ExpressVPN. 

VPN services which safeguards the best interest of people through such websites and hence lets them watch peacefully without any risks. 

Here are the steps given below which can be used while one tries streaming into different websites which are amazing Netflix alternatives. 

Steps to access to the different Websites safely from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Log into your VPN app and connect to a server in the US.
  • Visit the website which you want and start streaming.

By following through the steps mentioned above, people can get through different websites without any issue and can stream any type of content they wish to see. 


There can be hundreds of websites which can provide you with an amazing time for streaming movies and web series over the internet for free. People can just select the movie they want and can stream them for free. 

Although, one should not trust everything which is present over the internet and should take enough precaution. Hence, one should opt for VPN services from companies like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost to protect their safety and privacy. 

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